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::General Information
ID U0004
Creation Date 30 July 1997
Updating Date 10 August 2006
Standard Name Selenocysteine Insertion Sequence - type 2 (SECIS2)
UTRSite Pattern
p2=2...9 a
p3=8...12  p3:(((^rr | ^mc) | ^su) 6...10 )
p4=0...3 p5=aav p6=11...14 p6:(0...1 p7=2...7 3...6 r1~p7 0...3$)
(((r1~p3[1,0,0] | r1~p3[1,1,0]) | r1~p3[1,0,1]) | r1~p3[0,1,1])
Random Expectation 0.0 hits/kb
UTR Region 3'
Taxon Range Metazoa
Description Specific incorporation of selenocysteine in selenoproteins is directed by UGA codons residing within the coding sequence of the corresponding mRNAs. Translation of UGA, usually a termination codon, as selenocysteine requires a conserved stem-loop structure called
Feature Key SECIS2
::Database Cross-references
RFAM: RF00031
::Transcript(s) / Gene(s)
Description Species Link Ref.
3'UTR in Homo sapiens deiodinase, iodothyronine, type II (DIO2), transcript variant 1, mRNA. Homo sapiens UTRef: 3HSAR026618
Description Species Link Ref.
Homo sapiens deiodinase, iodothyronine, type II (DIO2), transcript variant 1, mRNA. Homo sapiens RefSeq: NM_013989
Description Species Link Ref.
Type II iodothyronine deiodinase (EC (Type-II 5'deiodinase) (DIOII) (Type 2 DI) (5DII) Homo sapiens ENSEMBL: ENSG00000211448
Binding Protein(s)
Description Species Link Ref.
SECIS binding protein 2 (SECISBP2) Homo sapiens UniProt: Q96T21
Ribosomal protein L30 Homo sapiens UniProt: P04645
Interactor(s) of Binding Protein(s)
Description Species Link Ref.
eukaryotic elongation factor, selenocysteine-tRNA-specific (EEFSEC) Homo sapiens UniProt: P57772
ID [1]
Authors Walczak R., Westhof E., Carbon P. and Krol A.
Title A novel RNA structural motif in the selenocysteine insertion element of eukaryotic selenoprotein mRNAs
Citation RNA 2: 367-379
Year 1996
ID [2]
Authors Walczak R., Carbon P. and Krol A.
Title An essential non-Watson-Crick base pair motif in 3' UTR to mediate selenoprotein translation
Citation RNA 4, 74-84
Year 1998
ID [3]
Authors Fagegaltier D, Lescure A, Walczak R, Carbon P, Krol A.
Title Structural analysis of new local features in SECIS RNA hairpins
Citation Nucleic Acids Res. 28, 2679-89
Year 2000
ID [4]
Authors Korotkov KV, Novoselov SV, Hatfield DL, Gladyshev VN.
Title Mammalian selenoprotein in which selenocysteine (Sec) incorporation is supported by a new form of Sec insertion sequence element.
Citation Mol Cell Biol. 22(5):1402-11
Year 2002
ID [5]
Authors Novoselov SV, Rao M, Onoshko NV, Zhi H, Kryukov GV, Xiang Y, Weeks DP, Hatfield DL, Gladyshev VN.
Title Selenoproteins and selenocysteine insertion system in the model plant cell system, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Citation EMBO J. 21(14):3681-93.
Year 2002
ID [6]
Authors Copeland PR, Fletcher JE, Carlson BA, Hatfield DL, Driscoll DM.
Title A novel RNA binding protein, SBP2, is required for the translation of mammalian selenoprotein mRNAs.
Citation EMBO J. 19(2):306-14.
Year 2000
ID [7]
Authors Lescure A, Fagegaltier D, Carbon P, Krol A.
Title Protein factors mediating selenoprotein synthesis.
Citation Curr Protein Pept Sci. 3(1):143-51.
Year 2002
ID [8]
Authors Allmang C, Carbon P, Krol A.
Title The SBP2 and 15.5 kD/Snu13p proteins share the same RNA binding domain: identification of SBP2 amino acids important to SECIS RNA binding.
Citation RNA. 2002 8(10):1308-18.
Year 2002
ID [9]
Authors Chavatte L, Brown BA, Driscoll DM.
Title Ribosomal protein L30 is a component of the UGA-selenocysteine recoding machinery in eukaryotes.
Citation Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2005 12(5):408-16. .
Year 2005
ID [10]
Authors Lescure A, Allmang C, Yamada K, Carbon P, Krol A.
Title cDNA cloning, expression pattern and RNA binding analysis of human selenocysteine insertion sequence (SECIS) binding protein 2.
Citation Gene. 2002 291(1-2):279-85.
Year 2002
ID [11]
Authors Kryukov GV, Castellano S, Novoselov SV, Lobanov AV, Zehtab O, Guigo R, Gladyshev VN.
Title Characterization of mammalian selenoproteomes.
Citation Science. 300(5624):1439-43.
Year 2003
ID [12]
Authors Tujebajeva RM, Copeland PR, Xu XM, Carlson BA, Harney JW, Driscoll DM, Hatfield DL, Berry MJ.
Title Decoding apparatus for eukaryotic selenocysteine insertion.
Citation EMBO Rep. 1(2):158-63.
Year 2000
ID [13]
Authors Grundner-Culemann E, Martin GW 3rd, Harney JW, Berry MJ.
Title Two distinct SECIS structures capable of directing selenocysteine incorporation in eukaryotes.
Citation RNA. 5(5):625-35.
Year 1999