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ID U0021
Creation Date 30 July 2001
Updating Date 30 July 2001
Standard Name Barley yellow dwarf virus translation control element (BYDV_TE)
UTRSite Pattern
p1=7...7 3...3 p2=ggauccug[1,0,0] p2:(4...4 p3=4...4) gnrna ~p3
2...2 p4=4...4 4...4 ~p4 4...4 p5=nn nnn (p6=6...6 c (u | c) a[0,1,0]
guc a[0,1,0] (a | c) r1~p6 | p8=5...5 n p9=3...3 nn
p10=6...6  c (u | c) a[0,1,0] guc a[0,1,0] (a | c) r1~p10 n ~p9 nn ~p8)
nnn r1~p5 6...6 r1~p1[1,0,1]
Random Expectation 0.0 hits/kb
UTR Region 3'
Taxon Range Viridiplantae
Description Efficient translation of Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) RNA, lacking both a 5'cap and a poly(A) tail, is mediated by a cap-independent translation element (TE) located in the 3'UTR whose minimum length is obout 90 nt. Nuclease probing and structure directed mutagenesis has shown that TE is able to fold into a specific cruciform secondary structure containing four helices. Cap-independent translation requires all secondary structure elements and most primary sequences. Recent dat......
Feature Key BYDV_TE
ID [1]
Authors Gu, Allen and Allen Miller
Title Structure and function of a cap-independent translation element that functions in either the 3' or the 5' untranslated region
Citation RNA. Dec;6(12):1808-20
Year 2000
ID [2]
Authors Guo, Allen and Allen Miller
Title Base-Pairing between untranslated regions facilitates translation of uncapped, nonpolyadenylated viral RNA
Citation Mol Cell 2001 May;7:1103-1109
Year 2001