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::General Information
ID U0042
Creation Date 12 July 2006
Updating Date 24 September 2009
Standard Name PTH 3'UTR distal cis-acting instability element (PTH2)
UTRSite Pattern
UTR Region 3'
Taxon Range Vertebrata
Description PTH (parathyroid hormone) mRNA stability, dependent on calcium/phosphate concentration, is mediated by the interaction of trans-acting proteins with cis-acting elements located in the 3'UTR (Bell et al., 2005). A distal element has been characterized in rat and is conserved in human, dog, cat and mouse. This distal element is missing in cow and pig PTH mRNAs where its destabilizing activity is replaced by a proximal elements whose function has been assayed on a reporter gene. Two trans-acting fa......
Feature Key PTH2
::Transcript(s) / Gene(s)
Description Species Link Ref.
3'UTR in Rattus norvegicus parathyroid hormone (Pth), mRNA. Rattus norvegicus UTRef: 3RNOR019009
Description Species Link Ref.
Rattus norvegicus parathyroid hormone (Pth), mRNA. Rattus norvegicus RefSeq: NM_017044
Description Species Link Ref.
Parathyroid hormone precursor (Parathyrin) (PTH) Rattus norvegicus ENSEMBL: ENSRNOG00000014318
Binding Protein(s)
Description Species Link Ref.
heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein D (AUF1) Rattus norvegicus RefSeq: NP_077380 [B1][B2]
UNR protein Rattus norvegicus RefSeq: NP_446458 [B3]
ID [1]
Authors Bell O, Silver J, Naveh-Many T.
Title Identification and characterization of cis-acting elements in the human and bovine PTH mRNA 3'-untranslated region.
Citation J Bone Miner Res. 2005 May;20(5):858-66.
Year 2005
ID [B1]
Authors Sela-Brown A, Silver J, Brewer G, Naveh-Many T.
Title Identification of AUF1 as a parathyroid hormone mRNA 3'-untranslated region-binding protein that determines parathyroid hormone mRNA stability
Citation J Biol Chem. 275(10):7424-9.
Year 2000
ID [B2]
Authors Bell O, Gaberman E, Kilav R, Levi R, Cox KB, Molkentin JD, Silver J, Naveh-Many T.
Title The protein phosphatase calcineurin determines basal parathyroid hormone gene expression
Citation Mol Endocrinol. 19(2):516-26
Year 2005
ID [B3]
Authors Dinur M, Kilav R, Sela-Brown A, Jacquemin-Sablon H, Naveh-Many T.
Title In vitro evidence that upstream of N-ras participates in the regulation of parathyroid hormone messenger ribonucleic acid stability.
Citation Mol Endocrinol. 20(7):1652-60.
Year 2006