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ID UX0005
Creation Date 02 September 2004
Updating Date 02 September 2004
Standard Name Glucose-response translation stimulator CD36 uORF
UTRSite Pattern
 M  L  E  H  L  I  E  K  S  F  L  A  I  L  K  I  A  F  Q  *
 M  I  R  R  I  D  S  F  C  D  S  S  V  P  F  L  *
 M  S  C  C  *
UTR Region All
Description CD36 is a "scavenger" receptor responsible for the uptake of oxidized low-density lipoprotein (Ox-LDL) by macrophages. Increased expression of CD36 is correlated with increased Ox-LDL uptake over a range of glucose concentrations. It known that CD36 is a receptor of glycosilated ox-LDL and may be involved in the development of atherosclerosis in diabetics. It has been determined experimentally that the expression of CD36 is regulated at the post-transcriptional level. The 5'UTR region of t......
Feature Key uORF
ID [1]
Authors Erik Griffin, Alessandro Re, Nance Hamel, Chenzong Fu, Harry Bush, Timothy McCaffrey & Adam S.Asch
Title A link between diabetes and atherosclerosis: glucose regulates axpression of CD36 at the level of translation
Citation Nat Med. 2001 Jul;7(7):840-6
Year 2001