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ID UX0006
Creation Date 02 September 2004
Updating Date 02 September 2004
Standard Name Translation inhibitor DDIT3 uORF
UTRSite Pattern
 M  L  K  M  S  G  W  Q  R  Q  S  Q  N  Q  S  W  N  L  R  R  E  C  S  R  R  K  C  I  F  I  H  H  H
 T  *
 M  S  G  W  Q  R  Q  S  Q  N  Q  S  W  N  L  R  R  E  C  S  R  R  K  C  I  F  I  H  H  H  T  * 
UTR Region All
Description Chop (DDIT3) is a ubiquitously expressed mammalian gene encoding a small nuclear protein related to the CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP) family of transcription factors. This gene is induced, in a wide variety of cells, by stresses such as genotoxic agents, oxidative or reductive stress and glucose deprivation which cause DNA damage or decreased function of the endoplasmic reticulum. The 5'UTR contain three uAUG, both uAUG-1 and uAUG-2 are in-frame with the same stop codon (UGA), the third uAUG delineates an uORF overlapping the chop ORF. Mutations within either the second or third uAUG cause a 6-fold and 2-fold increase of gene reporter translation respectively. Mutation of the uAUG-1 has no significant effect on reported gene expression. uORF-2 is efficiently translated and the peptide encoded seems to partially inhibit the translation of the chop ORF.
Feature Key uORF
ID [1]
Authors Jousse C, Bruhat A, Carraro V, Urano F, Ferrara M, Ron D, Fafournoux P
Title Inhibition of CHOP translation by a peptide encoded by an open reading frame localized in the chop 5'UTR.
Citation Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 Nov 1;29(21):4341-51
Year 2001