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ID UX0010
Creation Date 02 September 2004
Updating Date 02 September 2004
Standard Name Translation inhibitor CDKN1B uORF
UTRSite Pattern
 M  D  L  L  L  C  L  N  R  L  A  V  S  I  I  F  F  F  V  S  L  P  S  T  A  I  L  G  H  *
UTR Region All
Description The Cdk inhibitory protein p27 play a key role in regulating Cdk activity during G1 progression and in growth arrest. Level of the inhibitory protein oscillate during the cell cycle and peak in G1 phase. Under most conditions investigated, p27 oscillations are the result of post-trascriptional mechanisms that include translational control and regulated protein stability. Since p27 transcripts of various length have been described that differ in length of their 5'UTR between 152 and 575 nucleot......
Feature Key uORF
ID [1]
Authors Kullmann M, Gopfert U, Siewe B, Hengst L.
Title ELAV/Hu proteins inhibit p27 translation via an IRES element in the p27 5'UTR.
Citation Genes Dev. 2002 Dec 1;16(23):3087-99.
Year 2002
ID [2]
Authors Gopfert U, Kullmann M, Hengst L.
Title Cell cycle-dependent translation of p27 involves a responsive element in its 5'-UTR that overlaps with a uORF.
Citation Hum Mol Genet. 2003 Jul 15;12(14):1767-79
Year 2003